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The System - How to Attract

Three Way Call

Agent Attraction Scripts and Dialogue

Go Pro Agent Attraction Invitation Script

eXp Cold Call Recruiting Script Feb 2022

eXp Friend Acquaintance Recruiting Script Feb 2022

ZOOM The Model Script Feb 2022

eXp eXplained for Broker Owners Team Leaders July 2022

Recruiting Scripts Compilation

eXp Realty Explained: Revenue Share 2.0

Agent Attraction Dashboard

Text/Email to Setup 5 Min Introductory call

5 Minute Introductory Call (Phone)

Common Responses when Introducing eXp Realty

Email to Send to Agent after 5 Min Introductory call

Phone Script to Set Up Call with Your Sponsor or Your Sponsor’s sponsor for Interested Agents

Email to Send to Your Sponsor or Your Sponsor’s sponsor to Set Up Three Way Phone Call

Email Template 1 – Driving Straight to the Webinar

Email Template 2 – Driving Straight to the Webinar

Revenue Share Chart & Explanation

Successful Recruiting via Text Messaging

Invitation to Lunch & Learn in your Area

Revenue Share Fast Start Training

Breaking Up With Your Broker

Revenue Share 2.0

Agent Attraction Process

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The majority of the documents here are associated with each step of the process. 


STEP 1: BE EXCITED. Your tone sets the stage. Stand up maybe. Smile. Agents follow Agents and Leaders follow Leaders. Do not oversell, but be aware of how you are coming across to the person on the other end of the call. Enthusiasm trumps all!

STEP 2: MAKE A BIG LIST. You should always be adding to this list. Print it out. There are tons of sources for you to identify potential additions to your team. Attend local or national real estate events to meet people.

STEP 3: WEALTH CHART AND GOALS. Create a Wealth Chart and hang it where you see it every day. Write down your goals. Look at these every single day. Watch Rob Flick's or Scott Lewis’s Wealth Chart Training videos: (Rob Flick condensed version) (Rob Flick In-depth version) (Scott Lewis)

STEP 4: EXPOSURE. Expose everyone on your list to an eXp Explained presentation, preferably one that is administered by a trained and experienced professional exp agent that has presented many before. Here are methods of exposure to choose from. Use them all.
Show it to them yourself, one on one, using the official exp presentation slides.

Get them to watch a video. There are many good ones out there. Here are two examples of ones we really like: (Gene Frederick) (Brent Gove)

Bring them to a Lunch and Learn event. Participating in a weekly lunch and learn is a critical and very effective element of building. It keeps the personal morale high and supports others in your market as they support you. It is also a great follow-up tool for prospects that have been recently exposed to the opportunity. Check the schedule for events in your area.

STEP 5: ALWAYS FOLLOWUP. Following up is obviously the way to seal the deal. Here are a few ways to accomplish this.

  • Setup a 3-way Call with an experienced recruiter. INTRODUCE - EDIFY - REMAIN SILENT

  • Text them positive updates. Short text lists. Reach is a great application for follow up.

  • Get them to a Lunch and Learn or a major event.

Onboarding Concierge Service


A comprehensive system to provide a VIP eXperience for your new agents. Click the link for more information or give Bob and Christi a call directly.
Bob’s cell is 786-897-4628
Christi’s cell is 512-426-7399

CUSTOM PRICING FOR TEAMS - Call Bob or Christi for details

eXp Realty Wealth Chart

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